Here I show some of the work I have undertaken.



Here is a flute that came in for a service








Below is a Metzeler & Co. limited cornet,circa 1910,this cornet came in for a full overhaul/restoration,all the valve slides were jammed stuck,the valves were corroded and very sluggish,one of the waterkey gutters was missing,and all of the valve corks and bumpers were perished,along with a lot of dings and dents that had to be removed.I had to make a new mouthpiece ligature as the original one was missing and there was a piece of an old slide in its place with newspaper wrapped around it to stop air escaping,I also had to make a new waterkey gutter and all of the valve bumpers,luckily I managed to find a picture of a similar cornet on the internet so I could restore this one and keep it as original as possible,when all of the work was done,I hand polished it to look like new,the owner didn’t recognise it when he got it back,this was a lovely project to work on.


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This is a selmer series 9 clarinet that came in for an overhaul and full re-pad with leather pads,again this had been lying unused for years and the owner wanted to get it fixed to play,as you can see it came back to life and is now being played regularly,although the owner did say it would benefit from a better player!

This was a Boosey & Hawkes EEb bass that was badly damaged from being knocked over,and again was left unused in a bandroom,most of the damage was on the bottom bow and first and second ┬ábranches,to get the dents out properly I had to dismantle it,repair the dents and re-solder it back together,it was just like being back in Boosey & Hawkes!The slides were stuck and had to be freed and greased,and the valves needed an overhaul,with new springs,dampers and felts,it’s now back in working order and being played regularly,more cost effective to repair than to replace.

Here is an Ab post horn I made for the St.Georges Brass Band,Dublin.I used the bell and leadpipe off an old Regent cornet,and stepped down brass tubing to get the proper length,I made it in two halves with a tuning slide 70mm long,I also machined the clamp and screw and cut the threads so it could be assembled and held at the right tuning length,and kept the instrument in raw brass with a machine polished finish.